Audi European Delivery Program


Your Journey Begins Now

Audi Sylvania will assist you with the opportunity to take part in an amazing way to buy a new car!!
This is an open invitation for you to imagine, design and realize your dream Audi—with a European journey to make getting your new Audi truly unforgettable. This is Audi European Delivery.

The first step in your journey begins at Audi Sylvania. There, you will select your U.S. Audi model to your specifications. The difference is, you will receive your keys in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Manufacturing will begin approximately 4-6 weeks before your requested delivery date. We ask that you send us your completed Customer Information Form and Customer Vehicle Tax Agreement along with a color copy of your passport and valid driver’s license at least 45 days prior to your delivery date.

Immediately after your car has completed production, your requested delivery date will be confirmed with the Audi Forum, and your Audi dealer will contact you to finalize the sale and complete all necessary paperwork. You will then have 60 days to take delivery of your new Audi.

Once all necessary paperwork is finalized, approximately 2 weeks before your delivery appointment at the Audi Forum, you will receive your final documents which consist of your delivery day agenda, as well as the required documents for taking delivery and dropping off your vehicle.

Say Goodbye, Say Hello

Cross-country travel takes a lot of planning, preparation and time. Business or pleasure; hotel accommodations, scheduling and travel time/expense are only a few things you must consider before thinking about boarding on a plane or ship. But with Mercedes-Benz European Delivery Program, you will have the comfort of knowing everything is prepared for you, simply awaiting your arrival!

Through the Mercedes-Benz European Delivery Program, a professional concierge will assist you with your hotel and all travel reservations. Don’t work about any car rentals either, because your own Mercedes-Benz vehicle will be awaiting your arrival in Germany.

Benefits of the European Delivery Program

  • Complimentary 15-Day European Auto Insurance
  • One-night stay at a luxury hotel in Stuttgart
  • A personal Mercedes-Benz Travel Assistance
  • A tour of the Sindelfingen Mercedes-Benz Factory

By participating in the Mercedes-Benz European Delivery Program, you will receive 7% off MSRP with no destination fee on select vehicles that will be built at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Sindelfingen and will be ready for pickup upon your arrival. Before your departure, you can arrange your lease or financing and trade-in your existing model at Vin Devers Autohaus of Sylvania so you can enjoy stress-free travel.

Two tickets to the Mercedes-Benz Museum:

  • A meal at the Delivery Center
  • Taxi voucher for transportation from airport to Delivery Center
  • Transportation to Loeber Motors to pick up your vehicle upon your return

Vehicles can be delivered at two of our factory locations:

  • Ingolstadt, Germany
  • Neckarsulm, Germany

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