2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA vs. 2015 Lexus NX 200t Sylvania OH & Toledo

2015 Mercedes Benz GLA

2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA

2015 Lexus NX 200t

2015 Lexus NX 200t

Two vehicles that are garnering a great deal of attention this year are the Mercedes-Benz GLA and the Lexus NX 200t, as they are both all-new for the 2015 model year. Seeing as neither of these vehicles have ever been seen on the road until now, we thought it would be helpful to compare them in an effort to see which of them is the top option. At first glance, the compact SUVs seem to be quite similar, but with a closer look at the 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA vs 2015 Lexus NX 200t, it’s clear that the vehicles are actually quite different.


Cabin Space and Passenger Room

In terms of size, the compact crossovers are nearly identical. Both of them offer a cabin that is classified as compact, but has the ability to hold as many as five passengers and a range of cargo with ease. They also have the same sized engines, but what really sets them apart is how those engines perform. Again, both of the powertrains displace two liters across four-cylinders, but if you are looking for fuel economy, you will be sure to find that the engine under the hood of the GLA is the better suited option. If you want more power, you will find that the NX 200t is the more qualified vehicle. That’s not to say that one is better than the other, however. We simply mean to say that the vehicles suit different sets of priorities.

Under the Hood

When firing on all four cylinder, the base model of the GLA is able to generate as much as 208 horsepower with ease. It falls slightly short of the NX 200t which pulls in a 235-horsepower rating, but the difference isn’t exactly significant. Plus, what the GLA lacks in horses, it makes up for in torque. Both of the luxurious compact crossovers are able to return 258 lb-ft of twist making them quick and agile.

Fuel Efficiency

Perhaps the biggest difference between the engines found under the hood of both the GLA and the NX 200t is their ability to stretch a gallon of gas. The Lexus offering is efficient with its ratings of 21 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway, but if you are seeking out a vehicle that is more conservative when it comes to fuel, it really doesn’t get much better than the GLA, which puts an emphasis on economy and proves that Mercedes vehicles are more than just pretty faces. With the seven-speed dual clutch gearbox, the GLA gets 24 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. The ratings are impressive to say the least.

Need More Reasons to Get the GLA?

Topping it all off is the price of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA. Despite the fact that it gets fuel economy ratings that are far beyond what you would expect from a luxury SUV, the compact crossover is available for less than you would expect. With a starting price of just $33,300, the GLA is roughly $1,000 more affordable than the Lexus NX 200t. It’s one of many reasons that the GLA is able to remain the top option when matched up against comparable vehicles such as the 2015 Lexus NX 200t.

Experience the GLA

If you want to get the full experience of the GLA, you can schedule a test drive here at our dealership and put the SUV through the paces for yourself. Believe us when we say that it will make your decision much easier.