The Effect Worn Tires Have on Stopping Distance

While the vehicles offered at our dealership near Toledo, OH offer some of the world’s greatest active and passive safety features on the market, this technology means nothing if your tires are dangerously worn. Your vehicle can have the most advanced traction and stability control available, but if your tires don’t have adequate tread depth, then there is no traction or stability to control! Read on to see how to recognize unsafe tread depth and tire wear.

Three Sets of Tires, One Professional Driver, and One Slippery Road

Mercedes-Benz sent a professional driver to test out three cars driving on a wet, slippery road at 60 MPH. Each car was equipped with a different set of tires with a different tread depth, ranging from 10/32-in., 4/32-in., and 2/32-in. Upon reaching 60 MPH, the brakes were applied until the vehicle reached a complete stop. The Mercedes equipped with tires with 4/32-in. tread depth took eight car-lengths longer to stop, and the same vehicle with 2/32-in. tread depth took nearly ten-car lengths longer.

How to measure tread depth quickly. | Mercedes-Benz and Audi Dealer | Vin Devers Sylvania Autohaus | Stopping Distance

How to Tell if Your Tires Are Safe

George Washington was fabled as never telling a lie, and Abe Lincoln was known as “Honest Abe!” While our team never met either of them, we do know the coins that bear their portrait don’t lie about tire tread depth! If you’re ever worried about your tire wear, take a look at the example below.

“If you see Abe’s head, your treads are dead!”

  • 10/32” (Good)
  • 4/32” (Mediocre)
  • 2/32” (Bad)

The Results

After reaching 60 mph in each vehicle, the driver hit the brakes. The car with the 4/32” tread depth took eight car lengths longer to stop than the car with the 10/32” tread depth. In the 2/32” tread depth car, it took him nearly 10 car lengths more to stop than the 10/32” car. Do you know your current tire tread depth?

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