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Without the proper stock of parts, it becomes increasingly difficult to do our job. If we have to wait days for some of the most basic parts, and even for some of the more complex ones, our ability to serve you is hindered. We do our best to work quickly and efficiently, and we’ve found one of the easiest ways to give you the best possible car service in Sylvania is to have our own arsenal of supplies. We keep our parts fully stocked and we don’t cut corners by purchasing cheap ones. We know that can cause more issues than it’s worth.

Getting quality licensed parts in Sylvania is easy through our online ordering service. Even though we have a huge selection of parts in stock, there are instances when we don’t have the exact part you need today. The good news is, though, that we can easily order any part you need and have it in your hands in no time. If you’re not confident enough to perform the replacements yourself, we can also order the part and install it. It’s as easy as that.


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