What Is Sprinter Certified Pre-Owned?


Does your fleet or business need a transportation solution? Choose certified pre-owned Sprinter vans from Vin Devers Autohaus. The Sprinter CPO program is a lower cost alternative for businesses and fleets that rely on commercial vans to get the job done, but doesn’t feature the same risks as buying a used van.

Check out the current CPO Sprinter inventory at Vin Devers Autohaus in Sylvania, OH to get more details on pricing and availability. Don’t see a model that will help your fleet or business? Contact our commercial van product specialists with your exact specifications and our team will get to work on your custom van build.

What are the Warranty Options Available with CPO Sprinter Vans?

Every certified pre-owned Sprinter van available at Vin Devers Autohaus in Sylvania comes with a 1-Year / 72,000-mile standard warranty, but there are extended warranty options available to provide even greater peace of mind for managers and business owners alike. Extended limited warranties for CPO Sprinter vans include:

  • 1 year / 84,000 miles warranty
  • 2 years / 114,000 miles warranty

Is A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans Certified Pre-Owned Worth It?

Yes. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Certified Pre-Owned program is worth it if you’re looking to purchase a used van without the hassle or risk.
Do you need more information on CPO Sprinter vans or want to learn more about other Mercedes-Benz Vans before you’re ready to make a decision for your fleet or business? Get in touch with the team at our Sprinter dealership in Sylvania, OH through our website or by phone at 888-847-9535 to get additional details on CPO options and pricing.