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Audi Logo

When you think of Audi vehicles, you might think about the world-class engineering or the head-turning designs that have made this luxury brand so popular. But maybe instead, you envision the iconic Audi logo. This simple emblem is instantly recognizable around the world, but what is the Audi logo meaning? You might be surprised by how much history is involved in this minimalist design. Take a deeper look into the Audi brand logo with Vin Devers Autohaus, serving the Maumee and Perrysburg areas.

Early Roots of Audi

Audi may be known as a forward-thinking modern luxury brand, but this legendary brand started way back in 1899 in Germany. At that time, August Horch started the shortly-lived Horch & Cie. in Cologne – but parted ways quickly due to creative differences. Soon after, Horch created a second auto company that would surpass his first efforts tremendously. Seeking a name that would stand out from the crowd, Horch used the Latin translation of his last name to come up with “Audi”. The auto manufacturer became a smash hit internationally in just a few years, and the striking name has stuck ever since.

Audi Brand Logo

Now you know about the meaning behind the Audi name, but how did the Audi brand logo come into existence? The four-ring emblem isn’t just a sleek design. In 1932, four independent auto manufacturers merged into one giant. The four rings represent each of these brands: Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer. Each brand took a separate segment, with Audi managing deluxe midsize cars and Horch managing luxury vehicles, to create a brand that would dominate the market for decades. The interlocking design of the Audi brand logo represents the unbreakable bond and unity between the four companies. So each vehicle that bears the Audi logo also carries a piece of automotive history with it.

Audi Logo
Audi History

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